18 November 2013
Balaquid is a small fishing/farming village 
in the island of Biliran in central Philippines.
It has a total population of about 1600.
Just like the rest of the region,
this village was badly devastated by Typhoon Yolanda.
The aftermath is catastrophic.
Hundreds of homes are vanished;
fishing and farming industries are damaged
--- leaving the village people in dire conditions.
Due to its remote location,
relief goods are hardly reaching the people.
Needless to say that what they need right now is FOOD.
I grew up in this village.
Had it not been for the opportunity of coming to the USA,
I could have easily been one of the victims.
On a personal capacity, I am setting up a SOUP KITCHEN;
intending to feed at least 800 people a day, mostly CHILDREN.
I know this will only last for a few days but with YOUR HELP,
I could extend it for at least 3 weeks to a month,
or until resources are exhausted.
I am begging for your trust and confidence.
I can assure you that 100% of your donations 
will be utilized for food supplies.
Accounting will have full transparency.
I will make sure that my immediate family will NOT benefit from it.
Village people will volunteer in the kitchen.
A makeshift feeding center will be set up in the school ground.
Photo and video documentation will be sent to all donors.
Rest assured YOUR HELP will go a long way.
Feeding SOMEONE who is hungry halfway across the world
is what it's all about.
Thank you.