Welcome to my world of self-expression through visual art. 
Within the confines of these pages, I am letting you in into my personal space 
where I bare myself through a collection of images that I have captured over the years.

These images form a window through which you could take a peek 
into my life’s experiences, personal biases, inclinations and artistic style; 
in other words an abstract of my persona. 

Here you will find boundless interplay of pixels in their gazillions; 
each tiny pixel being fundamental in documenting a captured moment: may it be a fleeting smile, 
a decaying leaf, a glimpse of someone’s triumph or a disturbing portrait of poverty.

Every single photograph is a reflection of how I see the world around me 
at every given moment when an opportunity presents right before my lens. 

It's a pleasure to take you with me on a journey 
as I present a photographic composition of humanity, nature, emotions, architecture, 
life's events and all that I view as part of what makes this world 
truly involving.


Roel G. Cabulang

 Photo Anthropologist, Adventure Photographer, Travel Writer​​​​​​, World Traveller, Self-Proclaimed Global Citizen, Believer in the Kindness of Humanity