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A Million Shades of Blue

With its otherworldly, enthralling beauty, Chefchaouen is definitely one of the TOP TEN most favorite places I’ve ever travelled to. Perched up in the Rif Mountains, northwest Morocco, this little town is awash in a sea of at least a million shades of blue. Almost every single building, old and new, is clad in varying hints of teal; as if the entire town is clothed in one fabric akin to a beautiful lady in a stunning, voluminous sapphire dress. Now, tell me, who wouldn’t be held captive by its luring gaze?

FYI: Locals have different ideas why the city is painted blue. A more historical theory explains that when the Jews sought refuge in this little town in the 1930s, they painted their houses blue to resemble the sky and heaven, reminding them to lead a spiritual life.