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Title: 86 Billion Neurons / Year 2021 / Medium: Acrylic on antique mirror / Dimensions: 28” x 36”

The circuitry of the human brain is profoundly complex. As per science, there are about 86 billion neurons in the human brain — each and every single one of them teeming with activities. The countless electrical impulses and chemical signals that are transmitted through these neurons, every picosecond, are responsible for the myriad of emotions we feel. This piece is inspired by a friend whose beauty and genius were tragically cut short because of mental illness and is dedicated in honor of those who battle against mental illness and depression. Of note, since this is painted on an antique mirror, if examined closely there are tiny scratches on the paint to allow the mirror to receive a reflection of the viewer, thus making the viewer imbedded into the art work itself.