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Title: Why Tiptoe if I Can Cartwheel / Year 2020 / Medium: Acrylic on canvas / Dimensions: 52” x 38”

After my near-death experience on November 9, 2021 and then followed by a series of life-changing events, I better take heed. I would say that I needed such a nudge because I have been putting off the life that I believe I am meant to live in favor of what's comfortable, what's safe, what's familiar. I need to go out there and make a better and stronger sailor out of myself by being willing to sail even on the roughest of seas. I keep telling people to pursue their passion but I really never walked the talk myself. It is a shame that God gave me these talents that I never fully utilized. This particular piece is very special to me. I started painting this two years ago at the onset of the pandemic. Finally, in January 2022 I added the final touches based on what the voices in my head were nudging me to do. While finishing it up, I turned the canvas upside and that’s when I saw myself cartwheeling like a fearless child.