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Title: Wherever You Go, There You Are (#1) / Year 2022 / Medium: Mixed media on canvas / Dimensions: 52” x 38”

I’ve had some of my life’s darkest moments in December 2021. I’ve been confronted with multiple sink-or-swim life situations; and if not for my family and my closest circle of friends, I may have chosen to just sink. I consider myself resilient but when depression hits, especially due to life-changing events, it is very easy to go on a downward spiral. Thankfully, I chose to swim and through my creative outlet I am able to express my emotions into something productive and artistically stimulating. Along this line, I started a new collection inspired by a mere accidental drop of wine. I was having a drink while painting this piece and accidentally had a drop of wine landing on the painting I was working on which explains the little white dot. Initially, I was very upset but after contemplating on it, I realized why would I fix a “beautiful accident” when it can be a part of the composition. The voices in my head were prompting me to take different routes: to scrap the entire painting, to correct just the dot, to leave the dot alone, to smash the whole canvas, to poor a pint of red paint on it, to burn it… But, thankfully, I listened to the one who said: WHEREVER YOU GO, THERE YOU ARE. JUST BE. LEAVE THE DROP OF WINE ALONE.