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Title: Lost in a Chasm of Questions / Year 2021 / Medium: Mixed media on canvas / Dimensions: 52” x 38”

My heart was full of grief when I received the news of a dear friend’s death which motivated me to paint this piece. Why of all people? Why? I was questioning the world, the Universe why take someone who truly was a personification of the goodness of the human spirit; someone who had so much to offer to make this world a better place. He built a pediatric hospital in Sri Lanka to help the children who otherwise would have no access to healthcare. He had given so much of himself unconditionally to humanitarian initiatives. Working with him and having travelled with him to Uganda on a medical mission were opportunities I feel so honored to have experienced. I am so heartbroken for his family and for the children in the world who he would have healed. Why? Why? Why? Note: Minus the gallery commission, all of the proceeds for this painting will be donated to the World Children’s Initiative ( — the non-profit organization founded by my friend to whom this painting was created in honor of.